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Thumbs down Same here. So disappointed on BMW

The same just happened to me. Im glad this thread is here so BMW service cant act like this only happened to me. I have a babied 47k miles 2008 bmw m3 and this just happened. they are asking me to pay 26K +++ for a new engine. I will be showing this to my lawyer and work on getting them to cover it. I complained of engine noise so many times throughout the 4 years of warranty and they always came back with no problems with the car. i even had them do a final service before the warranty and yet again no one picked up anything supposedly. Its messed up between myself and my family we have owned over a dozen bmw's and they better make it right.

I'll post it with a video tomorrow and ad it to here for others who get told they need to pay 26k to get their car back after spending a lot on this car and taking care of it like a baby for the last 4 years. No engine mods, never raced, only put 4k miles in the last 12 months.

As soon as warranty expires. 2k miles later then engine blows for no reason.