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Originally Posted by pyrocpu View Post
That's the beauty of the M3, at least on paper. Just get in it and drive. Have a little set aside for stuff that'll break (I keep on reading about the throttle gear thing). Fuel the thirsty pig. And just drive. I'm at the point in my life where fun $ (after setting aside for the requisite financial instruments in investments, etc) is spent on upgrades to the house and entertaining guests. And while I used to love wrenching, swapping parts and even entire powertrains, the more time I can spend driving versus wrenching--I'm just that much happier!
Had an architect come to the house today after I put down the deposit for an m3. He went through his whole presentation and gave me a ballpark figure 3X of what I initially planned to spend on renovations. He was driving an M3 so after we got to talking and turns out he's another HPDE guy and he was telling me about all the stuff he's put into us m3. Oh boy I honestly think I will have to leave mine stock, nt even an exhaust! anyhow totally hear your point about priorities changing.

Hope you find the car your looking for!