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Finally got Android in the car Pt. II.

Well, after having this setup for a bit, I've come to a few realizations:

1) It's pretty spiffy! I have to say, I rather enjoy having my OS of choice displaying on my screen rather than the stock BMW stuff. I'm all about the ability to customize, and this setup allows me to do anything/everything I'd like.

2) I wish I had a touchscreen. This would be a lot more fun if a touchscreen was involved. I sent the touchpad back b/c a) I couldn't deal w/the visible cord and b) it wasn't as easy to use as previously thought. It had a hard time registering touches sometimes, and overall, I didn't feel it would "fit" this install very well.

3) I wish the camera recorded in HD. The camera is one of the best parts of all of this, but HD recording is not possible via the non-HD screen. The AndroidPC will play 1080p, but due to the lower resolution stock display, the camera won't record it. Which leads leads to point 4....

4) I really would like a higher resolution display. Not just talking about the CIC display, but a real 1080p display. I have a package arriving in 7-20 days (*lol*) that will help me resolve a lot of things that I'm griping about. It'll be pretty ambitious, but I think that overall, it'll be cleaner, and I'll be a lot happier about it. Stay tuned

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