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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
The clarity issue is interesting. Do people notice that much of a difference? I guess I'm glad partial to Oakleys then, considering all major sports who use optics such as NHL and NFL players use them. Not to mention our armed forces who wear them while shooting down bad guys with pin point accuracy.
I think he's upset about something else in his life, LOL.

They sell $5 polarized sunglasses in gas stations.

Good lenses are much more valuable than polarized vs. un-polarized. Polarization is mostly effective at reducing glare. Obviously they're going to be most effective on the water or near some sort of large reflective surface.

I know there are others who have way more sunglasses than me, but I own roughly $2000 worth of sunglasses and good lenses (polarized or not) are a much stronger consideration for me.