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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post

2) There's a large deal of hate directed at the new DRM policy. As someone that has an Internet connection (like the majority of people living in a developed country, especially those that have the expendable income to buy a console and the games to go with it), has rarely bought used games, and hasn't shared a game since highschool, this has zero effect on me.
The people that bought Sim City probably justified the DRM requirements just as you, yet look at that debacle. There are always server issues when something new and big launches. Usually that means you have to wait a few days for online components. But in this case, your console (or game) is rendered useless. And yea, its not the end of the world, you can spend your time doing something else, but when you buy a new toy you want to play with it.

Also, Japan, as a whole, is not getting the X1 at launch. They obviously have money, internet, and dedicated gamers. So, it's not just a technical thing, its an accessibility concern. The Japanese game developers are crucial to the business as a whole, how much support will X1 get from developers who can't play their own games?

Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
It sounds like Microsoft is trying to help protect developers, which is a completely logical business decision IMO. It's absurdly difficult to survive as a game developer these days thanks to increased budget requirements, increased piracy, and diminished returns from used purchases.
I don't see how it's MS's job to protect the developers. Developers should protect themselves.

And I don't understand the diminished returns on used games argument. There is no other industry that tries to regulate the 2nd hand market. The music industry doesn't tell you what to do with your CDs. The movie industry doesn't care who borrows your blu-rays. BMW doesn't make it impossible to sell/trade-in your car. And again, we're talking about physical media. Obviously, digital music and movies are regulated as far as how many copies and who can use them. And I don't think anyone is saying you should be able to sell and trade your downloaded games.

Every used game was once sold as new.

The X1 does look cool and I thought they showed great games. I just think the restrictions are a bit harsh for a piece of consumer electronics.