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Originally Posted by marwan View Post
in the article it mentions that Audi cannot have a DSG in the RS4 because of it's Longitudinal layout and an auto box is not possible because it cannot cope with the 8000rpm plus V8.

i didn't get that part so i would appreciate it if someone could explain it to me...i mean the Golf R32 and Bugatti Veyrone got a DSG, why couldn't the RS4?

That's right, the DSG gearbox featured in some VW models is only possible with cross mounted engines. R32's engine is cross mounted. The RS4 V8 is longitudinal mounted, I think there's not enough space for a DSG in that layout. The high output of the RS4 engine may have been another reason to be not available on RS4. Veyron's DSG can't be compared to the general VW system because both have nothing to do with each other. The Veyron DSG is a one-off for that car at the cost of about 100.000 each!

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