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Turn the volume up and enjoy from Sonoma Raceway E90 M3 | VF supercharged VF620

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E90 M3 | VF supercharged VF620 | Sonoma Raceway | Macht Schnell Bypass Track Pipes, stock muffler

Turn it up!

Details from the owner:

Originally Posted by dogbone View Post
Hi All.

Thanks for the nice comments!

First, I need to give credit to M3post member Ti-Jean. He was running this sound recording setup, and I duplicated it. EAS ran the wires for me. It's all totally hidden, and the jack that plugs into the GoPro appears under the driver's side headlight in the vent. This is great because you can record audio from the exhaust and record video from the front all in a single pass to one device, so you don't have to go through the extra steps of re-syncronizing the sound to the video later. That's a painful process.

So, the initial setup takes a bit of work. But using it is very very easy. The microphone just lives in the trunk under the fabric flap. I pull it out, wrap it around the tow hook and tape it to the inside of the bumper. It's pretty well protected from the wind, and still gets great exhaust sound. In the first pic below in Turn 2 of Sonoma, you can see the black wire on the bumper going down to the tow hook.

This was my first trip to Sonoma Raceway. That is a pretty wild track-----walls right up against the pavement, billboards that are famous for eating cars, multiple hairpins, multiple blind hill/curves, off-camber stuff with hills and turns and walls nearby......basically, this track eats cars for breakfast. While there, a Ferrari spun in Turn 2 and a Porsche hit it. A Cadillac racecar hit the wall in Turn 2, a Miata hit the wall in Turn 11......But my most out-there moment was catching a rattlesnake coiled on the track with my GoPro. (see below) I know it looks like I'm about to hit him, but I didn't. However, he wasn't so lucky and the next lap, he was no more. There was even a deer out there on the track. They stopped the sessions until they could take care of that.

Anyway, I enjoyed my trip to Sonoma Raceway. The track has a nice vibe. They have Wednesday night Drag and Drift night. $25 and you can do it. hehe Cool place.