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Reading the original article, it seems many of the responses on Jalopnik dont get the author's point at all.

Everyone knows the movies are full of fake stuff; nobody is saying you cant have fake stuff. It's when a car company itself (not the movie studio) suggests, or even states that the stuff you see is really on the car, there's a line being crossed.

The KITT car in Knight Rider, everyone knew it was fake. BUT, if Pontiac had put out a press release back in the 80's, suggesting that they actually made a Firebird with those features that really functioned (even just a one-off for the show, not available to the public), that would still have painted a very misleading picture of what Pontiac's engineering group is actually capable of. Liar Liar pants on fire.

Ford shoulda kept their mouth shut, and let the movie PR folks talk about the car in their story, and everyone woulda understood where reality ends and fantasy begins.