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Originally Posted by Onurleft View Post
What's not to like?

Buying tires and brakes for the 1LE. I realize this might not be a big deal for the occasional track guy but if you are doing an event a month thats a lot of $$ for those big square 285's or wider tires and lots of pad you'll eat up with that 4100lb+ race weight. That's like using an E39 M5 as your track car, except with bigger brakes, more tire, more speed to slow down and oh yeah, terrible visibility
Visibility not an issue unless you're at Daytona or somesuch.

You're right about the weight tending to eat tires and brakes, but as long as you go with dedicated track wheels, tires (DOT legal track sneakers), pads and rotors, you should be OK. Tires and brakes used to last me seven or eight track days, and as you know, Dot legal track sneakers are cheaper than extreme performance street rubber, and race pads aren't much. Even with aggressive pads, rotors are generally good for a couple of seasons or more.

Yeah, it ain't cheap, but it'll almost certainly be cheaper than outfitting an M3 the same "proper" way - at least initially.

I did this dedicated trackware thing for twelve seasons in a variety of cars, and it saved me cash over each of those seasons.


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