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Originally Posted by kscarrol View Post
56 miles/90 km seems a bit high. No way to prove whether the car has been test driven before you bought it though it is possible it was driven from another dealership. While you'll never know, I doubt the dealer allowed someone taking a test drive to really push the car. Frankly I wouldn't worry about it, just enjoy the new car!
I've been to the dealership a few times and the car is always in the same place, indoors surrounded by cars. Unless they moved all the cars or somehow opened extra doors (I looked and couldn't find any), I don't think it was test driven - at least not often. I'm sure you're right about the dealer being careful with the car, I saw how he even took care to open doors gently and not even place paper on the seats in case it would cut the leather.

I'm not gonna let 90k deter from my enjoyment of the car! I got a decent deal, too. It would've been nicer to get closer to invoice, but I learned a lot about negotiating for next time.