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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Having said all that, it seems the 1LE Camaro may be a better track bet than either the Boss or the Bimmer. Slower than either in a straight line, but quicker than either on track - and short money, too. Other than the gun slit windows, what's not to like?
To me personally, those gun slit windows and the feel they impart on the interior completely rule out the Camaro. I just cannot stand the way it makes you feel like a 10 year old stealing your daddy's car.

Mustangs I like, and I like the way they drive. But I think if I wanted a tack toy I'd just spend $10-15k on a nice used RWD platform, and put another $5-10k in modifications, then just go have a blast without worrying about warranties, insurance or dented sheet metal.

Last time I went to Shenandoah, there was this guy in a superbly prepared single turbo 240SX, running some 400WHP and with handling extremely well sorted out. It basically ran circles around me and I could only watch in awe the things he was doing with it. (better driver too).

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