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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
I'm in the same age range as you are...except I'm a bit more than 21.5, but not 22 yet. :P

I'm definitely planning on keeping the 335i for years to come, unless it really gives me major problems. I plan on buying a house or condo of my own before I upgrade to a better car. My parents are about to buy a new townhouse...only 1600 sq ft and it runs a little more than $600,000. Honestly I'd be happy to downgrade from a BMW to say a Toyota as well, as long as if I can have a nice house of my own. I'd rather have that than live at my parents' house at the age of 30 and drive an M5, lol.
Yeah, I know. I keep telling myself the logic choice, but that M5 is so god damn amazing! When Jeremy Clarkson raves about the performance of a car, it's a damn good car.

I will probably end up just modding the 335i with Procede next summer instead.

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Let me get this straight-- you're going to split a 50k salary between you and two friends and are planning to buy an M5 one year after purchasing a 335 and then also buy a 400k house? To me, this doesn't add up, sorry.

And if you're trying to project a "mature" image, I don't think an M5 is going to cut it. You're either mature or you're not, regardless of your car.
$50k each. We would be writing off gas, food, and rent on the company, so that leaves some nice spending money. And that's only the first year. If we get enough in grants why not pump it up a little higher?

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If you can afford to pay for a 335 or an M5, why in the heck are you living with your parents???? Spend your money on a house or condo, not on an expensive car and then live with your rents. Anywho........either car is a winner
My best friend always tells me I'm the guy from that movie Failure to Launch.

I want to move out after I graduate in 2 years. I don't want to throw my money away on costly rent when there's 0 ROI. At least with a car I have a liquidable asset.

I'm still going to go test drive the M5. I have to feel the power of the ultimate ultimate driving machine.