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Originally Posted by mhabs View Post
What really gets me is that the Nurburgring is plastered all over the initial press kit, it's in the manual, there's now a tracking App for the iPhone, prior gens engines are based on "F-1 Concepts" and all the performance parts descriptions are peppered with motorsports references. Basically giving the impression that it is okay to track this car...and then you have a disclaimer and run into extremely heavy resistance at the dealers for any type of claim. Think it's a terrible marketing strategy and really non-defensible. Ford's approach is 100% correct.
Anecdotally, one of my sons runs a Boss LS on track quite a lot, and last summer he began to run into heat problems (he's down in Fort Worth, Texas). The car never quite overheated with any resulting problems, but was getting dangerously close when running at up to about 108 degrees ambient.

After a careful checkout at the dealer (problem not possible to duplicate on the street), Ford sent out a radiator that they use in their race Mustangs, no charge of course.

He'll see this summer if the problem is completely cured (so far so good), but that's a hell of good attitude from Ford, in my opinion.

Having said all that, it seems the 1LE Camaro may be a better track bet than either the Boss or the Bimmer. Slower than either in a straight line, but quicker than either on track - and short money, too. Other than the gun slit windows, what's not to like?