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Originally Posted by mhabs View Post
What really gets me is that the Nurburgring is plastered all over the initial press kit, it's in the manual, there's now a tracking App for the iPhone, prior gens engines are based on "F-1 Concepts" and all the performance parts descriptions are peppered with motorsports references. Basically giving the impression that it is okay to track this car...and then you have a disclaimer and run into extremely heavy resistance at the dealers for any type of claim. Think it's a terrible marketing strategy and really non-defensible. Ford's approach is 100% correct.
Nissan has GTRs pretty much *permanently stationed* at the ring and it often seems like they only make the damn thing to *lap the ring* and yet you get even worse shit from Nissan if *you* dare to track it (I owned a GTR for a year and was *very* careful b/c of this).

And their obsession with the 'Ring is about what? Catching Porsche. Porsche who has a zillion year heritage of building the ultimate sports cars and yet... They also have a minefield of a track policy (Ive owned two 911s over the years and have been *very* careful b/c of this).

It's hardly a unique proposition. People like to know that the car they're buying is "motorsports derived", but 99% of them arent ever going anywhere *near* a racetrack.

I do think the manufacturers should offer an upcharge for "track coverage" or something though. A box you can check, pay more, and then have everything covered. That would be a lot more fair/honest IMO.

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