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Originally Posted by ucmike View Post
That's the problem I have though: I keep throwing money at two cars in an attempt to make them perform like a more expensive car, at what point do I just buy an M3? The S65 is an amazing engine and the suspension is top notch.

5-6k and I am approaching 40k invested in my 335i, at what point do you stop? Luckily I pay off all of my mods every month, I am not too infected with the disease (yet)
Now is the time.

I've driven all vehicles mentioned, all of them modded. Neither make you feel like you do when driving the M3. The s2000 is closer to the M3 feel than the 335. Best way to describe it is that the M3 feels as if it has a soul. Few other cars do that and a 335 is for sure not one of them.
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