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The only reason people turn I blind eye to all these scandals is because there isn't enough people who will stand up and hold the Obama Administration accountable for what they do. Obama was reelected simply because he promised handouts, welfare, and other incentive programs to the lower class. People voted for Obama not because of his policies or he's views but because they knew they would get stuff. Like a person holding meat in front of a dog he's trained them to do what he says and ask no questions in return of handouts.

The American notion, that was so alive in the 50s, of hard work and determination that would lead to success and prosperity, simply put, is dead. No one wants to work for anything anymore, they just look for the easiest way out, something Obama capitalized on and won the election because of.

This term just signifies that America is dying. There are to many people mooching of the productive people in society. Look at what New York did, they try and increase taxes the productive, upper class and big business to "redistribute wealth to those less fortunate" and now they have the "bring your business back to New York please we've changed" ads because those productive people and businesses left. Obama is trying to turn the country communist and sadly it appears to be working. Simply put there are more takers then makers in our society now and unless something drastic happens to reverse this cycle we are doomed.

Not to mention the joke of a higher education system in which "professors" spew left-wing propaganda in the hopes of turning students into brainwashed robots that cannot think for themselves and simply regurgitate there ideals. Sadly this works all to often and people are simply get through college not on their merit or abilities but because they are minorities.

America is stuck in this idea of "white guilt" were the productive, hard working, people who became successful because of their drive, motivation, and determination are now looked down on, and those who do nothing to contribute to the betterment of society are glorified. The government should strive to make people more productive and offer opportunities for businesses to thrive, after all this is how countries prosper, but instead they continue to keep people in their comatose state were they expect and need the government to do everything for them in return for their vote.
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