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Originally Posted by canukgtp View Post
Wow that sucks, good luck with the is this a common problem with all M3's or more so with cars that are tracked?
*No, not at all. This car had been heavily modified with a supercharger and more. Stock M3's can take enormous amounts of hard driving and the S65 is still good for way into 6 figure mileages, by all accounts (mine is only at 32k).

Personally, I only mod the brakes on my M-cars. But that's NOT to say anyone is wrong who does more, as it's there car and they should do to it what makes them happy. But when it comes to engine modifications, caveat emptor is term worth bearing in mind.

OP- hope the fix goes smoothly.

*if this has already been answered, my apologies, but I'm not reading all 5 pages.

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