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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
I am not trying to be hard on you lol. sorry!

but it doesn't matter how they determine how many they need to keep. If you need a new engine and warrnety is still there. You will get a new engine, they will make one if need be. Making one would be very easy also for a huge company like BMW.
It's cool. I think I found the answers I've been looking for. This information is very useful. I'm just trying to keep informed.

Originally Posted by baba louey View Post
I believe that there are gov't regulations stating how long a car company is required to keep making parts for a certain model. 10 yrs.? Also don't forget about rebuilt motors. There is usually a good supply of perfectly good blocks and heads available as time goes by. All engine don't explode, some just wear out and get rebuilt.
Originally Posted by s65e90 View Post
this. All cars manufacturers are required to continue to make parts for a certain # of years post the vehilce being made. After that then the A/M can pick up the parts as well. The last thing I would worry about is spare engines.
Originally Posted by Edjay View Post
Rule of thumb is that manufacturer will produce and make parts available for 10 years after production has ended. Now they will not sell all of it right away so parts usually linger through warehouse and dealer stock years after that. Complete engine, I imagine soon after they stop production there will only be a handful left.

IMO if you drive your M3 (or any high perf cars) hard or has power adder plan on bearings and rings job as a preventive maintenance. You have to pay to play.You also have to stay on top of things. One big downside of not having an oil dipstick is that its that much harder to check your oil. Not only level but condition. I myself change oil after every track event.
thanks for the reply fellas.
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