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Originally Posted by HeartMD View Post
Totally agree with you Jason.. This is some scary stuff but Iam sure regardless of when the E9X is totally phased out of production BMW will always have some S65's laying around for the late model M's still in warranty or for those unfortunate ones that are out but need to new motor.
yeah, i hope i'm not one of those who'd ever need a new motor. it seems like the problem is not isolated to people who SC their cars.

Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
Of course they have engines or make steps to ensure people get the right part(s). common sense? what you think people just get screwed? LOL
you're right. i'm sure they gotta have enough to cover people through regular warranty AND people who purchased extended warranty. just curious how they determine how many to keep around or do they make them out of spare parts as needed. that is all. jesus. this forum is tough, no need to get sarcastic. i'm gonna think hard about getting the extended warranty IF I feel I'm gonna keep the car much longer than 4 years. I'm always thinking I will but with the new model coming out, who knows???

As for the OP, it really sucks that you're going through all the trouble. I'm no stranger to being stranded. Hope you can resolve quickly and move forward.
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