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Originally Posted by SES_D View Post
Quoting myself now so none of you can say I didn't call it before everything started.

SPURS, with their fundamentally sound plays, superior defense, outstanding coaching staff, will break down and pick apart the Miami Heat. Timmy Duncan will announce his retirement after finally achieving his fifth ring with the San Antonio Spurs. Tony Parker has vowed to carry Duncan back to the finals and give him the final farewell he deserves. Coach POP will most likely also announce his retirement with Timmy D and end the Spurs dynasty with a bang.

I can't really say how many games it will take for the Spurs to win, but they WILL win. Lebron is the greatest player on the court today BUT he can't do it alone. Spurs starters and bench > Heat roaster.

I can go on and on but this will be the story line, mark my words.

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