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Originally Posted by alee0729 View Post
Yeah... these have not been very productive work weeks for me... minus the week on the Atlantic where we got no tracking updates, I've been searching harbor schedules and planning my life around being in front of my computer when the ships pass.

Nova Scotia was the easiest... I didn't have to be awake for that one... I could roll back the last 24 hours on demand.

This will be the closest I will be to my car since April 26th and still probably more than a month to go before PCD. Can't schedule it until the car leaves customs and the VPC for the performance exhaust install, so looking like a mid-July delivery if the storm doesn't set back the June 10th arrival at Brunswick, GA.

Congrats on getting off the boat. Trust me - you will be glad to have hung on!

FWIW, I appreciate the efforts you spent taking the webcam shots. Thank you.