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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Guys, I think many of you are missing the big picture. Remember my (and others) mantra, the M3 is all about compromise. That DEFINITELY should not be interpreted as a negative thing either!

I am first in line agreeing that the new M3 SHOULD have multi-pot brakes and direct fuel injection. However, I often try to remind myself of this KEY point.

Equal or better performance to the 911S and R8 for $20k/$50k less respectively! COMPROMISE - gotta love it.

I'll try to remind myself of this key work during my next post criticising some part of the car I am not happy about.
Not so much (as far as missing the bg picture). For me having a M3, like the aforementioned, would be worth a higher cost of admission, even IF the results were only marginally better. Just knowing that it had all that tech and looking at the brakes would get me excited. Isn't that part of the whole sports car effect?; owning and admiring a car that possesses well crafted parts, etc...

As far as supposedly beating the cars that you mentioned. Many times the ride is more than the numbers. If the M does beat the S at the Ring, does that make it a better car? In many people's minds, yes. And, it certainly deserves credit where it's due, especially being the under dog. But, it doesn't mean that it's more fun to drive. That, again, is a subjective decision. (I don't really believe that the M will best the S @ the Ring, but I'll play until the results come out.)