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Originally Posted by flea333 View Post
Then I expect a concise report on the dynamics of the bass, tone of the mid range, and clarity of the high end; soundstage, dynamic range and frequency response assessment much appreciated.

I suggest Tron soundtrack as a decent starting point.
Track C.L.U. should test clarity in all frequencies pretty well.

Acoustic instruments, techno, pop, etc. I'll have to wait til late July to test mine, so I have plenty of time to make a great test mix.
Ok, as a quick run down. My initial impression wasnt that good. The first 10 or so hours, I was quite concerned with the lack of detail and SQ. I did some playing and research and found this thread;

I have to admit that these did make the world of difference, and along with the additional run in time the system is getting better and better. I have decreased the treble by one and increased the bass by one also from those listed in that thread.

The system is still changing, and I have to admit that I have spent alot of the driving time listening to the exhaust and not the EPS, but hey thats what love about the M3 V8.

I think that the system is very good. Its not going to blow your hair off and make you ears bleed, but its certainly loud enough for most I would think. There is more than enough bass. The mid and highs are very clean and clear. I reckon that the sound stage is a fraction low for my liking. It really shows the difference between good and badly mixed music, which is a sign of a good system. Good music sounds great, bad music not so much.

Once I get some more time I will report with some more details.