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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
IMO, I could never buy a BMW all wheel drive sedan or coupe. To many better offerings on the market. No sports suspension for Xdrive means no brainer for me. If you could hold off, the rumor is the new B8 will be putting biturbos on the 3.2 litre. For me, that would be the AWD car to buy. It should get better mileage as well. I am not a big fan of all wheel drive anyway...mass, complicated system, drive train loss, and poor mileage. I live above 5500 feet and yet there are only a few days a years where the highways are not passable. Snow tires on a rear wheel drive platform will perfom in the snow as well as all season tires with all wheel drive. All wheel drive doesn't make much of a difference if the tires are not getting traction.

Yeah, a 335i coupe w/4 Blizzaks or whatever will likely do the trick.

I am not that familar w/ Audis. Is the B8 you are referring to the new A4?