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I looked at getting a new GTR before I bought the M3. The car's performance speaks for itself. Its design is polarizing, I like it, but it is not the most beautiful car out there. The price does seem to keep creeping up. Also, when I went to the dealership in Manassas they were not interested in getting me the color that I wanted, and they were not interested in dealing on anything regarding the price. That, coupled with being told that the only loaner I would get would be an Altima or a car from Enterprise, and the sales manager wearing a referee shirt (March Madness) all cinched it for me. At least when I buy a Porsche, Audi, Lexus, MB, Volvo, Acura, or BMW they don't treat me like total trash (some still better than others and actually Pohanka Acura and Lexus were the only two that were terrible). I don't want to repeat a poor customer service experience over and over again when I have to get the car serviced.