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Originally Posted by mlambert890 View Post
The dealer thing is big for me... I really got tired of it with my Vette, the NSXs I've owned and the Mitsubishi.

Rolling into the average Nissan dealer wearing the equivalent of a sign that screams "I have too much $$$" and then hanging in the DMV level waiting room with people driving 100k mi Sentras glaring at you gets old too... Lol
Having owned 2 Evos, I can relate to the dealership experience .. or lack of.

The dealers are simply not set up to work on the level of cars that the manufacturer is selling. The dealers are set up to sell inexpensive cars that require basic service - not the high tech turbocharged, torque-vectoring AWD cars that they are selling. There are lots of misdiagnosed problems, technician errors and issues that the dealer is incapable to resolve.

The only solution is going to a good independent shop that specializes in Evos. If there is one near you, then you are in luck. Otherwise, good luck finding a shop which can fix your car if you have an issue. The good thing about my Evos is that it never had any problems so I never needed to go to the dealer but I can see if you had to go, you would run into some serious walls.

And yes, you do miss the luxury car service that you get at a luxury car brand service center. Loaners are definitely not available as is the coffee and nice waiting areas new BMW owners take for granted.
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