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Originally Posted by VMcV3y View Post
Wow. As others said, it's a track enthusiasts' reason, finally, for BMW Apps! Yay!

Hey, Jason, a question, please:

I bought the snap-in Media Adapter when I had an iPhone 4s. Now I've got the iPhone 5. But just looked again on-line at and still, do not see an iPhone 5 snap-in.

I don't really want my iPhone 5 flying around the passenger seat. Do you know if an iPhone 5 snap-in is in the plans, or should we think of another option? Or, how about blue-tooth for the Apps? The technology is already there. (or, pushing the edge, a faster 802.11n WiFi bridge?)


- V


The iPhone 5 snap-in adapter is actually already available in Europe. We previously posted its details here:

It's not officially available in the U.S. yet, but will be soon. One of our members on M5POST even ordered a bunch to sell to fellow members, so you may find some for sale in the classifieds or perhaps on ebay (if you can't wait to get it from U.S. dealers once it's officially available).
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