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Originally Posted by VMcV3y View Post
I bought the snap-in Media Adapter when I had an iPhone 4s. Now I've got the iPhone 5. But just looked again on-line at and still, do not see an iPhone 5 snap-in.

I don't really want my iPhone 5 flying around the passenger seat. Do you know if an iPhone 5 snap-in is in the plans, or should we think of another option? Or, how about blue-tooth for the Apps? The technology is already there. (or, pushing the edge, a faster 802.11n WiFi bridge?)
Apps doesn't work over Bluetooth, probably because the Bluetooth software profiles required to support that kind of functionality either don't exist or aren't supported by iOS and/or iDrive. But the iPhone 5 will fit inside the center console just fine when connected with a regular USB cable. You can either lay it on top of your existing cradle (or make more room by removing the old cradle if you don't need it anymore), or if you angle it just right, you can put the iPhone 5 upside-down into the pocket beside the cradle mount area and you can still close the console without crimping the Lightning connector. I do both all the time and can even leave my iSkin Solo case on.
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