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Originally Posted by SteveWatson13 View Post
So I went in for my 1200 mile service on Monday. When I talked to my SA about what would be done, he confidently replied " Engine oil and rear differential fluid". I then reminded him that I had a 6MT and that the service manual states specifically that the transmission fluid needs to be changed. He then responded by saying "Hmmmmm, I'm not sure about that, transmission fluids are generally lifetime fill, but I'll have the technician look it up. They know what to do". 2 hours later, he calls me to say that everything was done and that the car was ready to be picked up. When I asked if the transmission fluid was changed, he replied " Yeah the technician replaced it when I told him that you had asked".
When I picked up the car, the receipt didnt make any mention of manual transmission oil in the receipt.... WTF?? So I walk over and question my SA about why I do not see the manual transmission fluid part number listed and his response was "oh they just get it off a line, but I can assure you that the service was completed. They do it for insurance purposes".

Now I have no idea if they actually did it and no proof that it actually happened either. Any thoughts on what my options are now?

Frustrated....... After me specifically asking for it to be done, this is what i get... F**king dealerships..... Why cant BMWNA allow independents to perform warranty service, or at least hold dealer accountable....

I would call the service manager and tell him you are no idiot and that your SM flat out lied to you. If he blows you off, talk to the GM of the dealership or the owner if you can get him on the line.

You can also call BMW NA and tell them about this.

You should be getting an email soon asking how your service was. If you put the lowest scores you can, I guarantee someone from that dealership will call you to either fix the problem or bitch you out.

I would suggest calling the service manager and telling him about this. Then go to BMW. Then find a new dealership.

Sucks man! Sorry.
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