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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
You admit the Vette and ZO6 are great performance bargains and are good handling cars depite the fact that they both use leaf springs. Suspension technology that was perfected back in the days of the horse and buggy. Yet, the M3 gets mocked for having single piston brakes and no DFI. Of course it would be great to have these but are they really needed? It would be great if the Z06 had a modern coilover suspension but obviously it does just fine on leaf springs. So why bust the M3 when the brakes 99% of the time will be more than adequate?

We are really starting to see mixed reviews on the brakes so in the end I think its going to be subjective.


Well...for what the M3 is likely to cost, I would expect more from it (DFI and brakes). Whether or not these things are needed is another debate, but we expect more in this competitive market. I mean as great a car as the M is going to be, it's not like it's crushing the competition. The z06, on the other hand, stomps most everything within striking distance of it's price and many well beyond it. So, as much as I am not a typical vette fan, I am willing to forgive it for it's flaws because it more than makes up for it in peformance.

Not many other cars can say that. But, of course, most of us here wouldn't want that type of car anyway.