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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
First off South, I really do like you, and you have my blessing with showing me up all you want. It's a good learning experience. I hope you feel the same. I just returned from watching the Koni and Rolex series completed at Miller Motor Sports Park today. What seemed evident, though it is a stereotype, that the M3's in general would make gains on the straitaways and the 997's would make up the difference in the turns, as I said previously, they could drive harder or in other words carry more speed in to the corners than the M3s. I "hypothosized" from my observation of this that 997's tend to have better brakes and M3's tend to have a stronger engine. I was pleased to see the Turner M3 #97 win the Koni race yesterday. South, why do I have to repeat myself, I did not say the 997 could brake harder into a corner as you said I did. This is the second time you have misquoted me then tried to make your "technological" argument with your misquote. Your first misquote of mine was your little rip on me about sharing my opinion with another poster about awd. You said, where is my technological evidence the Audi is any better then Xdrive?...Well I provided obvious facts and repeated them twice yet you never provided an ounce of your own technological genius as to why the Xdrive is as good or better than Audi Quattro. You then again gave it to me saying I didn't use technological proof....ya, ok. What is this thing with you and BMW this, and BMW that, and BMW everything. Are you BMW's #1 marketing department head volunteer? If so, you deserve better compensation.
So you're still in the mood of being cynical.
I don't see how this can be understood in another way than I did:
Originally Posted by ruff View Post
I think the C2S will have a slightly better time around the Ring due to it's better brakes. It will be able to drive harder into corners because of them.
You're saying the C2 S will be able to drive harder into corners due to the better brakes. So I did believe that you really meant better brakes, then you must talk about braking into corner. But if you're not talking about braking into corner, any advantage of the C2 S in the corners has nothing to do with better brakes. So I did understand your statement in a way it made at least little sense, couldn't know that it was meant in a way it makes no sense at all. So discussing with you seems quite pointless.

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