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I would like to extend a genuine, sincere, and hearty congratulations to the Heat fans here on the forum. All of the Heat fans that have participated in this thread have been both very classy and knowledgeable and that is much appreciated.

That said, I am completely incapable of congratulating the Heat (i.e., the team) as they are a collection of flopping, cheap-shot throwing, trash-talking sissies. Erik Spoelstra looks like he belongs on Jersey Shore with all of that hair product. Birdman is a heroin addict. And Chris Bosh looks like a dinosaur.

Regarding the Pacers: We deserved to lose Game 7. We had more turnovers than a junior high girls' basketball team. And Paul George can't pass the rock to save his life. Can someone help me put David West's face on a milk carton? He was nowhere to be found in this game. Come to think of it, he was MIA in Game 6 too.
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