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Originally Posted by devo View Post
My bad on the front tire width; it should have read 235mm; knew I needed more coffee!

As much as I love the idea of the Exige, I think it's a little too anemic in the mid-range for the street (for me). Haven't driven one, but I would have to generally agree with this from what I hear. Definately a nice track toy.

I can't decide wtf to buy. I like the S5 as a dd. But now I'm hearing 14/21 mpg and a hefty gas guzzler tax. I'm leaning back towards the 335xi again. I really want the M3, but don't know that I want two 3 series cars at the same time. That's not really a bad thing though.

If I do go 335xi, then I kept telling myself to get another 911S, but another low mileage used 06/07.

Not to bring up another poor topic...BUT, I recently drove an '08 Z06 and boy does it go. I typically do not like vettes. (I also drove an '08 C6 w/z51 and the hp bump and did not like that car at all.) The z06, on the other hand, that's a whole different game. Granted the car is a little cheesy -with it's low rent interior and somewhat orange peel paint, but it's a super car. I believe part of the "cheese factor" is because of the stigma attached to one here in the states. You just can't deny the performance per dollar. It's looks quite menacing in black w/polished wheels.
I would agree, the Vette and Z06 are the best performance bargain, period. The Vette for 08 has apparently greatly improved their interior options. I am like you, I don't know what car to get either. I have had concerns about Audi mileage for some time. BMW always seems to better the performance/mileage quotient. Of course there is no perfect car, unless you ask those blinded by the shiny roundel. I know if the e92 M3 had DFI, less mass, steering feedback, and multi pot brakes like the lesser 135, it would probably be my perfect allround car. Still comes fairly close, if they will keep the base price between mid and late 50s.