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Originally Posted by W Cole View Post
Thanks for clearing that up! Another dumb question: I've installed coilovers on both e36s and e46s and don't remember how I lined up the strut so the sway bar end link was positioned properly. I am assuming the strut indexes into the spindle.

Since on the ohlins the entire strut can spin in order to adjust ride height I am assuming it does not index into the spindle at all so how do you align where the sway bar end link bolts onto the strut? TLAR method?
There's no way you'll be able to adjust ride height from the lower mount when it is preloaded into the steering knuckle. You'll have to loosen the large, high-preload bolt holding the bottom of the strut, pry apart the steering knuckle, and remove the strut and then adjust ride height - you can't spine the strut body because the sway bar mounting tab is fixed. As for aligning I doubt it has an alignment feature - my JRZs (and Motons) have an alignment boss that also locates the adapter that slides into the knuckle.