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Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
Correct, there are no differences between the dampers and springs between non-EDC and EDC cars, except for an "optional" EDC simulator.

EDC rear...You'll get new rear mounting bushing with the R&T kit that fit the Ohlins rear damper shaft and, therefore, you will not reuse your stock rear EDC mounting hardware. Look at pic #6 in the OP - shows new black bushings, washer and mounting nut.
Thanks for clearing that up! Another dumb question: I've installed coilovers on both e36s and e46s and don't remember how I lined up the strut so the sway bar end link was positioned properly. I am assuming the strut indexes into the spindle.

Since on the ohlins the entire strut can spin in order to adjust ride height I am assuming it does not index into the spindle at all so how do you align where the sway bar end link bolts onto the strut? TLAR method?