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Originally Posted by epbb View Post
Reason I ask, is that I'm due for a new phone upgrade with Verizon, and I'm debating whether or not to wait for the iPhone 5S, or get the 4S, which allows for video playback.
I would not hold my breath on video playback with the iPhone 5. BMW would have to build a digital video to analog converter into that dock (more money than it's worth to them) or integrate AirPlay. In both cases, for the E92, it would be a poor investment for them to continue development for the retired E-series platform.

Not that I'd endorse getting a new 4S even if video were important to you. Apple has already moved to the new connector and is doing everything in their power to move everyone over. The 30-pin will be the red-headed stepchild of connectors long before your new contract is over.

Video is cool only for like 15 min anyway. Then you're over it.
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