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Originally Posted by achien View Post
This part is not a co-incidence. Terrorists have been known to use every kind of code words to communicate with one another.
You seriously think that a 'terrorist organization' would go out of their way to invent a font, that would only benefit them by the use of one word??
I like this post, it just shows how gullible most people in the world are.

If you want to find a pattern in something bad enough, you will be able to find it. Just like this 'bible code' I was talking about with my dad, that claims a 'code' in the bible predicted presidents, 911, and etc..
Of course this would be easy since they are using "Q L Y N T W N" as Clinton, and "H Y T L R" for Hitler. But if they were to predict something that hasn't already happened, and find it in the 'bible code' before it does, maybe I MIGHT just believe. Anyone can find a single word that they are looking for, in thousands of pages of text... Even if they are using a 'crossword' type method to find these words.

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