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2011 Nismo 370Z- Holy speed. Holy sound. Holy uncomfortable ride. Cheap interior, sits REALLY low, feels like your ass is on the ground. Too much road noise as well. The engine noise inside is perfect however.

2013 SS Camaro- Can't see a damn thing behind me. There's like 20 blind spots. It's got power, but taking a corner at anything above 20mph feels extremely uncomfortable.

2013 Mustang GT- Beautiful sound, very fast in a straight line. Steering felt kind of loose to me...(I think I'm the only one who has felt that, however)

2009 Cayman PDK - GODDAMN. I would have picked that baby had it not been for the lack of warranty and high maintenance associated with Porsches. Lacks power in a straight line, but it would whoop all the aforementioned cars on a track.

These are the only cars I've ever test driven as this was my first buying experience.