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Originally Posted by Cool Steal View Post
So I see some conflicting information in this post:

1. Everyone starts off saying 25NM on the oil filter cap...however then it was posted that it should be 40 NM? The cap on mine states 25NM so should I stick with the cap or tighten to 40NM?

2. Multiple different sizes apparently on the drain plugs. I read 4 different sizes in this post.....M6, M8, M12 hex patterns and then T-40 torx????...can anyone confirm torx or hex pattern? I slid my arm under my car, but did not have it up on jacks so I was unable to see if it was torx or hex pattern, the 6mm hex does fit, but there is some play. So I checked what size a T-40 torx is and apparently it is 6.65 MM. ...See link below...

I am guessing this is the correct size because there was a tiny bit of play in the 6MM hex...which may be the reason behind stripped drain plugs I read about...?? Unsure...

Going to look under the car tommorow to see if it is Hex or Torx....of course as everyone already knows there is a difference between a hex pattern and a torx pattern.
1. I've purchased one-day subscriptions to BMW's TIS to get the exact torque specs and steps for various procedures, including changing the engine oil. The torque spec for the oil filter cap was revised to 40 nM according to TIS. If you have any doubt and are concerned, I recommend you get a TIS subscription ($30 for the day) and confirm for yourself; that's what I did.

2. The drain bolts are definitely not Torx, although a Torx bit may work. They are hex bolts, although I could not tell you the precise size. I changed my oil just two weeks ago and on my 2011, the bolts are hex. The stripped drain plugs are probably due to over-torqued plugs. I highly doubt you'd have problems if you should use the torque specification from TIS.