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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
On the topic of financial advisors recommending a modified car over a nice watch, who wore a timex.

I would take my money elsewhere..... sorry dude, you need to step up your game big time.

do you wear a shirt and tie to work or tennis shoes and shorts when you're talking with a client? I hope I'm not offending you, but as someone who has dealt with financial advisors and investors regularly. I wouldn't be caught dead talking about my financial situation with someone with a scratched up watch that hasn't been taken care of. It shows lack of pride in appearance and that can reflect in the persons work.

You don't have to get a 10,000$ watch, but at least get a brand a higher end client will recognise (ie, tag, omega, rolex) and the client will see you as more successful. and potentially will be more likely to trust your judgement. I'm sorry to say that this is reality, but it is. Your car may be nice, and show good taste and judgement, but your client will likely never see what you drive, and as you don't park it in your office, they won't see your success as an advisor without that knowledge. This is where a mid to high end watch comes in. You can buy a 1000$ classy looking quartz Tag so that you aren't throwing away a lot of money, but it looks good, and has a more expensive name. Your clients will notice.

Just food for thought.
I wrote a couple paragraphs but I came back and edited because who cares......Some quick points instead:

1.Thanks for the advice....but I dont need it. We do business with multi million dollar clients and we choose our clients. So your statement...."I wouldn't be caught dead talking about my financial situation with someone with a scratched up watch that hasn't been taken care of." Dont worry we wouldn't do business with you either.

2.I was joking around about the mods- obviously. I never said they were a good investment....however watches are not either. If you think they are, I could show you portfolio that would make you reconsider. If you want to waste your money on watches ....go for it only live once.

3. I also think its funny to hear that I need to "step up my game" really? I can retire yesterday and I am 47 - so no ..I dont need to "step up my game". I have been doing this for 25 years and when you know what your doing, and can prove it through results, you dont need car salesman tricks like a show off watch to impress people...

4. I would suggest that if you are looking for an investment advisor you get your head out of the condesending cloud your in, and start grading your investment advisor and people in general, by what they do, not how they look or what they own.

Thats one of the problems with this world....too many materialistic drones, judging others based on looks, skin color, watches, aligator belts what a joke....

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