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So I see some conflicting information in this post:

1. Everyone starts off saying 25NM on the oil filter cap...however then it was posted that it should be 40 NM? The cap on mine states 25NM so should I stick with the cap or tighten to 40NM?

2. Multiple different sizes apparently on the drain plugs. I read 4 different sizes in this post.....M6, M8, M12 hex patterns and then T-40 torx????...can anyone confirm torx or hex pattern? I slid my arm under my car, but did not have it up on jacks so I was unable to see if it was torx or hex pattern, the 6mm hex does fit, but there is some play. So I checked what size a T-40 torx is and apparently it is 6.65 MM. ...See link below...

I am guessing this is the correct size because there was a tiny bit of play in the 6MM hex...which may be the reason behind stripped drain plugs I read about...?? Unsure...

Going to look under the car tommorow to see if it is Hex or Torx....of course as everyone already knows there is a difference between a hex pattern and a torx pattern.

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