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My customer experience @ e92-lighting / order 9610

Hi there,

I thought that everyone planning to buy angels eyes from E92-Lighting would like to know about the customer experience. I would like to share mine.

1. I placed my order for a pair of MTEC V4 E90 angel eyes on 23-APR-2013

2. E92-Lighting shipped my item and gave me the tracking number on the 27-APR-2013

3. The delivery method was, according to USPS, under “restricted delivery”, which means that only the addressee can receive the item, nobody else. It was placed that way at the seller discretion.

4. I missed the delivery day 29-APR-2013, so the item was sent back to E92-Lighting that day.

5. According to USPS, the package arrived at the origin post facility (CA La Puente) on 06-MAY-2013, no further updates on the package. E92-Ligthing informs me that they do not have the item back yet.

After almost 30 days, USPS does not update the location of the package. It has been almost 2 weeks since E92-Lighting answered me for the last time, ignoring my “live chat requests” thereafter.

Entirely different from other online retailers. For instance, ijdmtoy. I purchased from them some items for my car as well. Due to other circumstances, my order was sent back to the retailer. They completely understood the situation, and, as soon as they confirmed with the tracking number that the item was in its way back, they refunded me that same day. This is not the case with E92-Lighting.

Some may argue that it is USPS fault. It is correct. But let me tell you that the customer must not bear the risk of a post service that the retailer itself has selected.

I know that there have been good and bad customer experiences with this vendor. Mine falls under the bad ones, unfortunately of course.