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Excellent review mate!

Traffic is a major thing in London with the occasional fast road so having the ability to switch from nice easy driving / parking mode to focussed GT via 1 button on the wheel is ideal. Actually, I am quite sure many journos probably messed up the I-Drive steering setting in Spain. Maybe not intentionally but still. Ditto EDC, Throttle, and Traction.

To be fair, I have now looked at this car IRL from just about every angle and in 4 colours and with 3 interiors (not Bamboo) and with 3 interior trims (not Anthracite) and I just can't see a bad looking view. I love that you can see the back box of the exhaust and that there are no fogs and that the power dome exists and the view you have of it from the driver seat.

It is a very masculine car, a very handsome car and a very beautiful car IRL; far far better looking than the RS4; which looks dated with a big front overhang and very obvious arches and a boot / rear lights set up that looks awkward plus an upright stance.

The RS4 attracts more attention in an 80s kind of 'shoulder pad' and 'big hair' kind of way. It is just too obvious and that is why the Avant is so popular; you don't really get sporty estates.

The M3 is subtle, and as you say, grown up. Less boy racer, more GT. Just right. Maybe aimed at a different breed of owners; hence the price hike.

Other things:
> Seat height is ok and you are 6ft so it should be ok for most.
> MPG not great but I think it will not be a major issue for most.
> 6CD, don't need it, won't have it. You have IPOD Nano, right?

The only thing in your review that concerns me is the word 'purple'. As mentioned previously I just couldn't see it unless I really tried. In poor light, maybe just saw a tint of it. This is, I am quite sure, down to personal perception.

You mentioned that you were going to take some more photos, I would be grateful if you could take some 'purple' ones without using the N95 and post them?

Otherwise, thanks for putting the time in to your write up.

Colour aside I'm cool. Totally.

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