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Question Got My 335i Coupe, Sexy, But Not The M5

I told myself I'd keep this car for 3 years. I've had it a little over 2 months now (with almost 4400 mi on it) and I'm already considering buying a new car next year (yes I plan that far ahead). The 335i is amazing, it's quick, it's sexy as hell, it's everything I could hope for, but it's not the M5.

I figure an M5 over the M3 because in this case because I feel it would promote a more mature and professional image over the little coupe in the business world. Two of my good friends and myself are starting up a non-profit software organization and getting some nice sums of money (grants). In the 501c3 IRS regulations you're allowed "comphensation" for your work, ie. salary. Anything under $50k to board members/executives doesn't get posted in the annual public IRS Form 990. I figure $49,999 salary for our first year is a nice chunk of money. Now my only concern is that anyone who knows BMW cars may think a bit different of us if they see me pulling up in a big M5 or it parked in our parking lot.

I've earned all my money in the past working as Mr. IT and a contractor for businesses. I bought my 335i coupe, and I'm going to liquidate it and use that as most of my down for the M5 (maybe $45k down on the M5 total). I'm currently 21.5 (yes the .5 counts!) years old.

My other issue is that I would like to move out of my parent's house when I graduate in 2 years from now (I'm doing 5 years at the university). Even condos aren't cheap in southern california, but I was hoping to have aout $80k saved up to put down on a ~$400k condo.

Ah! Decision!

I digress. The original intent of my post was to find out more information about the M5:

I love the idea of the 7-speed SMG transmission. I use the manual mode on my 335i 99.9% of the time, and I've driven stick a few times (never stalled it!). How exactly does the SMG work? I heard there's a shift pedal as well as the paddles and stick? I'm guessing you have to rev match yourself?

Does the rated MPG (12/18mpg) for the 507HP mode, the 400HP mode, or both (somehow it's inefficient?).

Do you think the M5 is too bold to be a business-minded car as well as a great motorsport car? This is one of the key features of this vehicle. Besides maybe some nice Merc AMG sedan, this car is top notch in its class and is practical (not on gas).