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Originally Posted by dmw16 View Post
Thanks for the input.

I traded emails with MikeThePowderCoater and he advised that for a track-used car I might want to skip powder coating due to heat making the powder coat tacky which then causes brake dust to stick to it. His price was very good tho.

I don't think I $800-care about having a different color set of calipers. For $200 it would be nice, but my car isn't a show car so I don't care enough to invest in the cost of a new set of rotors.

I was advised against powder coating calipers all together. So if you are planning on repainting to yellow, do the job right and do it yourself and safe some cash. Plenty of youtube video's to help guide you if your not paint savey. My front calipers I can say honestly look just as good and professionaly done as the rear calipers were from IND. At least my friends can't tell the difference. Good luck.