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Originally Posted by WRXXX
Originally Posted by SYT_Shadow View Post
I don't know Mr Plutonium

If someone is considering buying an understeering piece of garbage like an RS anything, they probably should.

The lameness of a product that came out years after the E92 and has crappy feel and is slower in a straight line is seriously epic.

The C63 crowd at least has insane torque/hp going for it. The RS5 crowd has what? Pretty styling? Understeer?
Says the guy driving two old-ass '02's. Have you ever sat in an RS5? Hear the sound it makes, saw one in person or *gasp* driven one? It is actually slightly faster then the M3 around a track according to some recent comparos. Its also a much better DD car. With AWD, it is also ideal for people in snowy climates.

Even if its not your cup of tea, keep it to yourself and move on. Why try to bash and ruin the fun for OP? Put it this way, his RS5 is 1000x cooler then what you have currently.

To the OP, congrats. The RS5 is quite stunning.

"piece of garbage" lol, seriously!!