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Originally Posted by exmowner View Post
I agree the audi is a tad quicker in the 1/4 mile. Only the e9x m3 came out in 2007. For a car that was released less then a year ago I think they could have brought a little more to the table...
That's a little too simplistic, I think. From Audi's perspective, it first and foremost has to be an Audi, appealing to their current clientele.

That includes most or all of the particulars that their current users have grown accustomed to. These particulars are somewhat different than what BMW fans appreciate.

The fact that it's a slightly better performer on track or at the drags is simply gravy - especially since it's better on gas, even though it's quite a bit heavier.

From your point of view, how much faster would've been enough?

You see the issue, I hope.