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Originally Posted by SYT_Shadow View Post
I don't know Mr Plutonium

If someone is considering buying an understeering piece of garbage like an RS anything, they probably should.

The lameness of a product that came out years after the E92 and has crappy feel and is slower in a straight line is seriously epic.

The C63 crowd at least has insane torque/hp going for it. The RS5 crowd has what? Pretty styling? Understeer?
Nothing wrong with disliking the RS5, but at least keep your facts straight.

Y'know, we've been through all this before, but the facts are that the RS5 is a little quicker on average over a road course, supported by an anecdotal Fifth Gear video shown within these pages, plus shows it a bit quicker on twelve out of fifteen tracks, last I looked.

In a straight line, best ET for the RS5 is from Road & Track, where it ran a 12.2 @ 113.6, while best ET for the M is a 12.4 @ 114, from Car & Driver.

M3 takes steering feel honors by a smidgeon from my point of view.

In short, these two are both remarkable cars, and one couldn't go wrong with either.


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