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Originally Posted by schnell325 View Post
You will LOVE it.

Just remember, even though you have an awesome car, you, the driver, will not be awesome and top dog the first day out. Just remember, you are competing at besting your own times. Not some guy in a Miata who's run for years and years.
I did have a great time! Thanks for your tip though I didn't see it until now after the event, heehee... no worry though, I didn't show up being an a$$ just because I have a high power car Perhaps my wording was a bit confusing, this wasn't my first ever autox... but my first running in the M3 since I got it last July.

I have run autox with an AP2 since 2010 and have always been there to have fun, learn better at controlling my car(s) and just to compete against myself; I have never put enough time and effort to really compete against most others at the autox scene who are quite dedicated in the sport.

My 3 key goals today were accomplished:
have fun
not over drive my car and my own abilities (so no any stupid car out of control on display)
keep improving my time on every run