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Sounds like a good article. The E30 M3 I think was going to be the clear winner. The E30 M3 shold win considering that it was the car that started mass production of M cars and even in its road form was still very close to the race versions.

However, I am little surprsied the E39 M3 made 3rd and I downright shocked the M1 even made it into the top 5.

I read one article where the journalist actually drove his E39 M5 to the review and found the E92 M3 was everything the E39 M was, with a V8 and loads of power, except without the heavy feeling and lack of crispness.

The M1 is very shocking for multiple reasons. The first and biggest for me being that the car is more Lambo and Lotus than BMW. In fact the chasis was even built by Lambo for several years. Maybe the article brings this up but I personally have never considered the M1 to be a great example of BMW engineering since there is very little BMW in the car.

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